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Sustainable clothing and accessories made of wool.Slow fashion, handmade in Peru

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Why NUQI slow fashion

Textile overproduction is a huge problem. Because of the way clothing is produced, the clothing industry is responsible for about 10 percent of total CO2 emissions, more than the emissions of all international aviation and marine transportation combined. But fortunately, you have a choice and can opt for affordable sustainable clothing.

Sustainable fashion, less impact on nature

Sustainable clothing is not only good for the environment but also for the people who make it. So less pollution and less waste. That means fair wages, safe work and no child labor. Beautiful fair fashion, made from natural materials, with a good story. Together we strive for a sustainable clothing industry.

Sustainable clothing and Merino Wool accessories

Do you wear everything in your closet?

As long as mass production continues in the garment industry the problem will not be solved.

A huge amount of clothing is made that then ends up in landfills. This means wasted fabric, dyes, excessive environmental impacts such as air pollution, water pollution, and so on. In addition, the clothing industry contributes significantly to the amount of plastic in our oceans.

A huge burden on the environment that benefits no one. We think this is irresponsible behavior.

NUQI slow fashion sustainable clothing and wool accessories are made in small runs which prevents overproduction. Our collection is seasonless. With a slow fashion mentality, it is steadily expanding.

Only when a product is completely sold out will it be replaced by a new variant or another product.

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Sustainable clothing and Merino Wool accessories

Less is more!

Looking for affordable sustainable clothing and accessories?

With NUQI slow fashion sustainable clothing and wool accessories, we go back to the basics of the clothing and fashion accessory industry and translate it into a contemporary designed socially engaged eco brand.

The quality promise of slow fashion

Sustainable fashion is made of high-quality fabrics that last a long time. The slow fashion meaning is therefore clothing of excellent quality, where both the maker and buyer of the clothing can count on a fair price. This includes an environmentally friendly production process.

NUQI slow fashion products are produced fair trade. However, we do offer sustainable clothing online where every new item on the website gets a substantial discount for the first month. Why do we do this? We do this to make sustainable clothing more accessible to everyone. Our makers always get their fair price, the cost is ours.

After the first month, the product remains online at the regular price for another period of time until it runs out.

NUQI slow fashion = Fair human rights, good working conditions, animal friendliness and less impact on the planet.

Looking good and being good for the environment, what more could you want?

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What is slow fashion mentality?

Slow fashion is characterized by timeless collections with high-quality eco-clothing that lasts. It is the counterpart to fast fashion, which is particularly associated with disposability and unfair trade. Slow fashion is not seasonal or trend-related.

If you invest in high quality, these are typically basic pieces that will last a long time. Extra bonus: basics are easy to mix with other items and simple to brighten up with special accessories. For example > knitted leg warmers or a > big wool scarf. You too can start shopping consciously - step by step - and follow a sustainable lifestyle.

Ethical fashion, sustainable clothing, enduring fashion. Sustainable clothing is about the impact of raw materials and chemicals used on people and the environment. Nuqi slow fashion produces from producers with a GOTS label. Ethical fashion shows whether people involved in production are treated in a fair and good way.

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