wool felt slippers

Slippers made of felt lace yourself up

Sustainable clothing

Slippers made of felt lace yourself up

Where do these felt slippers come from and how are they made?

How the Lasso slipper came to be

In 2010, Frenchman Gaspard, founder of the Lasso slipper brand, went to London to continue his studies. Winters in London are usually cold and heating costs are very expensive. Since Gaspard suffered from cold feet, he looked for a durable solution to this. He cut a leftover piece of wool felt and strung it together with his sneaker laces. Thus was born the first pair of Lasso slippers.

wool felt slippers
wool felt slippers

How does the story continue?

After more than 100 slipper samples further, the shape was perfect and comfortable. A decision was made. The felt slippers are sold and shipped flat. In this way, the customer can lace the slippers themselves with their favorite laces.

Back to France

Once they returned to France, production was started. Through a Kickstarter project, enough capital had been raised so they didn't have to worry about that.

Durable materials

The sustainable wool felt, cotton laces and vegan leather soles are sourced and sourced in Italy.

"Using high-quality materials for our wool felt slippers is essential. We use natural materials as much as possible. We like leather, but we decided not to use any because we cherish animals even more" (Lasso shoes)

All the materials come from Italy. Yet they took the decision to have the product handmade in Nantes, France.

Slow fashion

"Lasso slippers operate on the slow fashion principle. We do not follow the fast timeline of the fashion industry , but instead as designers we think carefully about each product line. This is to maintain quality and make products that last" (Lasso shoes)

Lasso slippers made of felt self threading online now.

NUQI slow fashion believes it is important to support the sustainable entrepreneur.
We therefore choose to find all over the world, in addition to social studios and artisan artists, committed sustainable entrepreneurs that match our NUQI slow fashion feeling and style. The products must be handmade and/or sustainable. And tell a story!

Lasso slippers made of felt that you can thread yourself are now on sale on our website. Be quick because there is a small stock available. Out is out.

Visit our product page for all information on quality, colors, sizes and washing instructions.

Follow us on Instagram for updates on our offerings and new items in the journal.

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wool felt slippers

wool knit leg warmers with base

Wool knit leg warmers with base

Sustainable clothing

Wool knit leg warmers, action product for November and December

Super soft 100% wool knitted leg warmers, the durable gift tip for the holiday months

"I'm allergic to wool but these are super soft"

This is a comment we hear from many customers. Our 100% natural wool does not itch.

If you are sensitive to wool then with these wool knit leg warmers you don't have to worry about your skin getting irritated.

  • Just in
  • Temporarily from 49.95 euros for 35 euros
  • 100% natural GOTS wool
  • Fairtrade handmade
  • Support the creator with every purchase

wool knit leg warmers with base
Legwarmers handknitted sheep wool

Why are the wool knit leg warmers with base a promotional product?

NUQI slow fashion produces in small runs. This also applies to these woolen leg warmers. We produce small quantities because the product is handmade but also to avoid overproduction and waste.

Fast fashion what are you doing about it?

Did you know that with our buying habits today, we buy 4 times more clothes than we did 20 years ago? Fast fashion is called that: as high a production of clothes as possible, to be in stores as quickly as possible. This is not only at the expense of pressure on the makers and depleting nature, but also of quality.

A substantial discount the first month

Our mission is for more and more people to buy sustainable clothing versus fast fashion. Unfortunately, too often the higher price still holds back the purchase of sustainable clothing. We therefore choose to offer a substantial discount for the first month of every new product we launch. For a defined period of time, that product is available at the offer price. After this period, the product is offered at the regular price for another temporary period until it is sold out. These special offers make it easier for everyone to buy sustainable clothing and thus also these sustainable wool leg warmers.

Social Impact

The sale of our knitted leg warmers has a direct impact on the social conditions of our makers in Peru. By buying a pair of wool leg warmers, you are supporting these people to build and maintain their own financial independence.

Our makers always get their fair price. The offer actions are at our expense.

Learn more about the offer

Visit our product page for more information about the quality, origin, size, washing instructions and of course the offer of the wool knit leg warmers. During the action month (Nov. 1-30), sales go fast so be sure to be on time.

Out = out

Follow us on Instagram for updates on our offerings and new items in the journal.

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wool knitted leg warmers with base

jewelry made from recycled materials

Jewelry made from recycled materials


Sustainable jewelry made from recycled materials

How coffee cups got a second life

"I couldn't waste the valuable aluminum coffee capsules."

Gabi is an artist from San Diego, USA and makes beautiful sustainable jewelry from recycled materials. However, the material Gabi uses is unique. Namely used coffee capsules. The jewelry is handmade and therefore all different.

"The goal of recycling and upcycling is to reduce waste. To use the earth's limited resources in a sustainable way while minimizing the impact on the environment."

Transforming lost resources into stylish sustainable jewelry with special stories is Gabi's passion.

jewelry made from recycled materials
jewelry made from recycled materials

Experiment using discarded coffee capsule as main material

Aluminum coffee capsules are only used for a short time for which they are made and then disappear into landfills. A shame of all the wasted material and the amount of waste it generates that way.

Gabi found a sustainable solution

Making the most beautiful sustainable jewelry for women from recycled materials. She began to experiment using discarded coffee capsules as the main material. The coffee capsules must first be thoroughly cleaned. This is done with natural vinegar.

Gabi then forms the aluminum capsule into a uniquely shaped base for her sustainable jewelry made from recycled materials. Each pendant is unique because the aluminum forms differently each time during the process.

Chain pendants made of this unique recycled material are now available online.

> Go to product.

Follow more developments at @nuqislowfashion

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why sustainable fashion

Why sustainable clothing?

Sustainable clothing

Why sustainable clothing

From fast fashion to slow fashion

I traveled the world visiting suppliers and got to know the people behind the product

My name is Tosca van Haren and I am the founder of the sustainable clothing brand NUQI slow fashion.
By profession I am a fashion designer and product developer.
For years I designed and produced collections for small and bigger brands in the Netherlands.
I traveled around the world to visit suppliers and got to know the people behind the product.

During these trips, I learned a lot and that experience helped me in the development of my fashion career. However, I asked myself whether production could be more sustainable. Why sustainable clothing?

why sustainable fashion
why sustainable fashion

Conscious choices

After years of working as a designer for various fashion brands, I felt the need to explore the basics of the fashion industry. The fast fashion culture started to irritate me and I started looking for its counterpart: slow fashion. Nowadays, fortunately, this has already become an important part of our daily lives.
I discovered the great value of small artisanal workshops where much is still made by hand. The valuable attention and time put into each product is reflected in the quality and finish. This makes it sustainable.

I founded NUQI slow fashion and decided for my own sustainable clothing brand to work only with artisan workshops or small independent artisans.

Our organic wool is certified and guaranteed mulesing free

The first sustainable products produced by NUQI slow fashion are a merino wool scarf and knitted wool leg warmers. These products are sustainably and fairly hand-knitted in a social non-profit studio in Peru.

Go slow

Because I know the other side of garment production, I can appreciate the value of an artisan-made product.

When is clothing actually sustainable and fair?

Clothing made in a fair, ethical way and under good working conditions, from sustainable and animal-friendly materials. In the end, both animals, the environment and we - humans - benefit.

First, the numbers are incomparable.
NUQI slow fashion does small-scale production runs so there is no overproduction and no large inventory. Excessive inventory kills any fashion brand anyway anyway.
Second, it takes much longer to make an artisanal product so putting pressure on production makes no sense.
Thank goodness because the attention and passion that goes into an honest sustainable product ultimately pays off in quality.

This way, we create the very best unique handmade items for you.

Together we are strong

  • Fair trade
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Support local people
  • Organic
  • Sustainable

Be part Part of a community doing good things.

why sustainable fashion
why sustainable clothing

What you seek, seeks you.

NUQI slow fashion offers a collection that is slowly expanding. High quality fashion with an emphasis on comfort. Handcrafted from natural materials.
NUQI slow fashion is for people who want more than mass production, but are also concerned about how their purchase affects the environment.

Sustainable accessories made of organic wool

Go to > collection

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slow fashion

Slow fashion

Sustainable clothing

What is slow fashion?

It involves dealing with clothing in a more conscious way.

Sustainability is an important aspect here

Slow fashion characteristics are.

You think about how you will handle the garment in the future and whether you will wear it for a long time. Whereas fast fashion caters to short-term trends, slow fashion focuses on long-term sustainable clothing. The emphasis is much more on durability and long-term use. The products are produced in small quantities, mostly by hand.

Follow our story about our production on > Instagram

slow fashion
Legwarmers handknitted sheep wool

Ethical fashion, sustainable fashion, enduring fashion

Slow fashion is not seasonal or trend-based. This is especially evident in its pronounced penchant for instant classics. At slow fashion labels, you will find garments that deserve a place in almost every wardrobe.

By choosing slow fashion you really make an impact! It is one of the best fast fashion solutions.

  • Reducing your carbon footprint in garment production.
  • Garments made with attention and of excellent quality.
  • Garments that, thanks in part to improved quality, have a long shelf life.
  • Less low prices.
  • Fair working conditions for the makers of the garments.
  • Using sustainable fabrics to make sustainable clothing.

Slow fashion tips

Avoid impulse purchases. A closet starring slow fashion is actually best compared to a collection in a museum. In a museum, the collection is carefully put together and well preserved. The same applies to a sustainable closet. One of the biggest challenges in putting together such a sustainable fashion wardrobe is to avoid impulse buying. Buy consciously.

Start here > Go to collection

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Woolen scarf


Sustainable GOTS label Merino wool scarf hand knitted

Just in, our highlighted sustainable clothing product for the months of September and October

Wool scarves for women an indispensable accessory for every wardrobe. Our slow fashion chunky knit Merino wool scarf is special.

  • It is a 100% natural GOTS label product
  • Handmade in an honest way
  • You support the maker of the wool scarf with every purchase
  • Use as a scarf and plaid


Why is the Merino wool scarf a featured product?

NUQI slow fashion produces in small runs. This also applies to this large wool scarf made from the softest organic wool in the world. We produce small quantities because the product is handmade but also to avoid overproduction and waste.


Did you know that we buy 4 times more clothes today than we did 20 years ago? Fast fashion is not called fast fashion for nothing: the highest possible production of clothes, to be in stores as quickly (and preferably as affordably) as possible. This is not only at the expense of putting pressure on makers and depleting nature, but also at the expense of quality.

A substantial discount the first month

Our mission is for as many people as possible to buy sustainable clothing over fast fashion. Unfortunately, too often the higher price still holds back the purchase of sustainable clothing. Therefore, we choose to give every new product we put on sale a substantial discount for the first month. For a defined period of time, that sustainable fashion product is available at a lower price. After this period, the product will be offered at the regular price for another period until it is sold out. This special project makes it easier for everyone to buy sustainable clothing and thus also this sustainable wool scarf.

Up is up

Finished really is finished with us. Our women's wool scarves, made according to gots label, are going very fast at the moment. Every sustainable fashion product is only offered once. Perhaps one day a revival of one of the bestsellers.

Learn more about the offer

Visit our product page to learn more about the quality, origin, size, washing instructions and, of course, the Merino wool scarf offer.

Follow us on Instagram for updates on our offerings and new items in the journal.

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Eco-friendly fashion packaging

Eco-friendly fashion packaging

Sustainable clothing

Eco-friendly fashion packaging

The products themselves and their fashion packaging, to be sustainable, must also be environmentally friendly.

Sustainable packaging means finding a solution where the environment is the focus. Where the items are well protected during shipment and the customer has a sustainable unpacking experience that is very satisfying.

The sustainable packaging materials are both eco-friendly and stylish. NUQI slow fashion has spent a lot of time putting together such packaging solutions for its sustainable clothing. We have compared and researched the best options of eco-friendly packaging materials within the packaging industry range.

Why consider eco-friendly fashion packaging?

The environment already faces enormous unique challenges. We must do our part to protect the environment.

Reduce carbon emissions by making the production process more environmentally friendly. Use packaging that is easily recyclable and does not harm the earth. Avoid single-use plastic or disposable products.

No waste is the sustainable goal

But that's not always easy. By choosing smaller sized boxes and bags, we save on empty space. Over-sized packaging increases packaging costs and takes up unnecessary space during transport.

The use of a recycled paper or cardboard box also has a big impact on the sustainability of packaging

Cardboard based on wood pulp has a high carbon footprint. These types of materials do not make packaging more environmentally friendly and should therefore be removed from the supplier's range!

Eco-friendly fashion packaging

What is NUQI slow fashion's sustainable choice?

Boxes are only truly sustainable when they are made of environmentally friendly materials. This means that the outside of our consumer product affects the environment. NUQI slow fashion makes sure we do our part in sustainability!

With design, we decided to use recycled cardboard folding boxes to ship our products to consumers. These boxes were chosen because they look luxurious and are easy to close without using too much tape.

Recycled cardboard boxes are also good for reuse, easy to fold and take up little extra space

These durable packages do not break down when opened after arriving at the consumer. The folding boxes come in different sizes. All our products, even those with a large volume like the merino scarf fit easily in them. For smaller items, we do also use recycled paper bags.

Our products also need extra protection

To get the most out of our eco-friendly fashion packaging, we must first consider what we don't want. We certainly didn't have a plastic bag as a protective material in mind! That's where the search for the sustainable alternative to plastic begins. The focus is on alternative materials that are more easily biodegradable than traditional methods.

Fortunately, there are sustainable alternatives these days

For example, grease-free recycled paper. This is a common packaging especially in the food industry. But is this packaging material moisture resistant enough for luxury fashion products? It is also difficult to get appropriate sized bags for the larger products, in this recycled material. The search for sustainable packaging solutions for a biodegradable inner packaging as a protective material continues for some time....

The use of natural resources to produce plastic substitutes are unique challenges that have been ongoing for many years

Earth is a beautiful planet with natural resources. These need to be protected. To reduce pollution, it can help to replace plastic with sustainable alternatives made from corn or potato starch. A certain amount of oil can thereby be preserved for other purposes. For example, food production.

A good way to reduce plastic is to turn it into recycled material. This process can turn waste material into something new from recycled plastic, which is helpful for our environment. We all want to do our part to make our environment better. However, carefully separated waste is needed before recycled material can be made. The best way is to simply use sustainable packaging material and no plastic at all.

We have purchased a few plastic bags made from corn starch

Research shows that the first biodegradable packaging tested is not ideal. The packaging material is made from plant-based raw materials but it has an unpleasant chemical smell. Also, the top tore right away. That's not helpful when you're trying to use this packaging material to protect your package from damage during transport or storage!

Another version without an unpleasant smell also had an extra reinforcement at the top. We are still going to investigate whether this part of the bags is also biodegradable.

Plastic containers made from cornstarch take at least 45 days to biodegrade from the environment. A water-repellent recycled paper bag takes less time to do this. We will continue to search for an answer here as well and keep you posted on any new eco-friendly findings in future articles.

The little things matter

Like a hangtag, for example. This is important for the look and feel in our retailers' stores. It also gives a neat look to the package you receive as online customers.

A beautiful, sophisticated tag made from pressed recycled paper with a laser cut logo

The hangtag is attached to the product by means of an organic cotton cord. This cord is extra strong due to treatment with environmentally friendly beeswax.

NUQI slow fashion works with 100% natural materials. It is important to us that our products are washed and stored properly. That way they last a long time or can even get a second life! That's why we include clear washing instructions. The paper used for this is made from natural agricultural waste.

sustainable fashion journal

The finishing touch

Even eco-friendly fashion packaging like a folding box should be properly sealed. Recycled paper adhesive tape is the most obvious ecological choice for this. Fortunately we do not need a lot of tape on our folding box. A closing sticker is also a good solution as long as a sustainable material such as recycled paper is used.

We are still unsure of which option will best meet our sustainable need to add our logo to the packaging

We considered printing the paper tape or making a closure sticker. We could also easily use our logo stamp with water-based ink. Our story about eco-friendly packaging materials will continue...

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Sustainable clothing and Merino Wool accessories

Wool fashion sustainable and fair

Sustainable clothing

Wool fashion sustainable and fair

Sustainable clothing brands use honest sustainable materials

NUQI slow fashion puts the focus on sustainable clothing, part of which is the use of fair materials such as 100% wool fashion.
The beautiful organically and fair trade produced sheep's wool we use comes from Peru.
Organic cotton is the better and fair version of cotton in fashion. The same is true for the wool version. We produce at suppliers with the GOTS label. The GOTS label (Global Organic Textile Standard) sets environmental requirements for all phases of the textile chain: from the cultivation of (natural) fibers to processing and sewing workshops. Requirements on working conditions apply only to the factories and sewing workshops. There are also requirements on animal welfare.

Organic wool is a little less well known in sustainable fashion than organic cotton at this time.

The 100% natural wool fiber comes from the fur of an animal

Most wool comes from sheep, but also from goat (mohair and cashmere), rabbit (angora), camel, alpaca and yak. It is different from regular hair, it has hairs with scales and it frizzes.

You can felt it which makes it hold the air well. This provides a great insulating effect. Wool yarns are easily spun because the fibers easily hook into each other and then stay firmly in place.

From wool to sustainable clothing

NUQI slow fashion organic wool comes from the Andean Highlands in Peru. The sheep farmer harvests the wool in an animal-friendly way. This means the sheep are always free from hunger, thirst, discomfort, pain, disease and have the freedom to live a stress-free life.

Our sustainable fashion industry does not practice the serious form of animal cruelty mulesing. Fortunately, agencies worldwide are paying more and more attention to sheep farmers who operate this way. They are being excluded. In Peru, the use of mulesing is not common.

Wool top is created after washing, carding and combing the raw wool fibers. Inca Tops in Peru spins the wool into yarn.

> Inka Tops provides jobs and fair working conditions to more than a thousand families in Peru. Their social responsibility programs contribute to the beautiful social advancement of many workers. Small production knitting companies, sustainable entrepreneurs and especially families in rural areas benefit.

Inka tops brings the yarn to atelier Manta. Manta is a sustainable hand knitting and crochet atelier in Ayacucho, Peru. The social atelier makes our sustainable wool NUQI slow fashion fashions. Like our knitted leg warmers and merino wool scarves. Honest and hand knit.

slow fashion

Wool is a durable fiber with the luxurious style and high quality that NUQI slow fashion wants to exude

NUQI slow fashion organic wool does not crease or fluff, is soft to the skin and does not itch. It is breathable thanks to its natural temperature regulating properties. You can therefore use it all year round both during the cold winter months and the cooler summer nights.

Because the keratin in the material naturally breaks down bacteria and unpleasant odors, it is self-cleaning. This means less washing so sustainable. Keratin is the same protein present in our skin and hair. It is strong but also flexible. It is therefore a truly durable clothing product.

NUQI slow fashion uses sheep's wool that has no chemical process. It is entirely organic and of honest natural origin.

When is sheep's wool organic wool?

The sheep are raised organically. They graze on land that has not been treated with insecticides or pesticides. They have ample space, eat only natural foods and are not given preventive antibiotics. The sheep are not allowed to undergo mulesing.

Mulesing is a technique for preventing sheep disease. They remove the skin around the tail without anesthesia. We buy our wool from farmers who shear the sheep calmly and in an animal-friendly manner. Without injuring the sheep.

The production should not use harmful chemicals. Wool yarns must be free of harmful substances. The workers involved have good working conditions and earn a minimum wage. There is a maximum number of working hours per week. Child labor is prohibited.

We know the GOTS label as a sustainable label for organic cotton. However, this label is also important for wool material. Many sustainable brands already produce sustainable clothing with this organic material.

why sustainable clothing

Timeless hand-knit sustainable slow fashion clothing and accessories

The atelier in Ayacucho, Peru makes NUQI slow fashion products knitted by hand. For this we use merino wool and Andean Highland yarns.

The new products are minimalist and timeless in design and have a regular fit. We believe in the power of the material without too much embellishment.

Ecru is one of the natural sheep's wool colors in which NUQI makes slow fashion products. At a later stage, we will combine several natural colors in the fashion collection.

Warm through the winter with comfortable wool fashion, sustainable and fair

> Scarves / shawls and beautiful > knitted leg warmers with feet, the so-called ballet or yoga socks, are the first sustainable fashion products in the knitwear collection. For the future we plan to also produce sustainable sweaters or sweatshirts, cardigans and possibly hats.

The focus on sustainability is at the forefront of all products

No harmful substances, biodegradable packaging, no zipper, button or elastic, high quality and fair production. Good working conditions and reuse of discarded knitwear into recycled wool so it does not end up in the garbage.

Want to stay up to date with our latest products and sustainable development in the fashion industry? Then subscribe for free to our monthly e-magazine at https://linktr.ee/nuqislowfashion. In it, we provide transparency on how we produce our sustainable products in a fair way.

Our driving force behind the brand remains producing beautiful sustainable clothing. We want to improve the environment, fair working conditions and the fashion industry, as one of the most polluting industries. Stay aware!

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How knitting moms celebrate Christmas

How knitting moms celebrate Christmas


Christmas in Ayacucho, Peru.

How do knitting moms, who produce slow fashion for NUQI, actually celebrate Christmas?

Does it resemble our tradition, is it not celebrated, or is something else happening?


In Peru, Christmas is celebrated simply as it is with us. The feast is also spread over 2 days here.

Christmas in Peru is primarily a family celebration. A typical family tradition is to drink and eat "chocolatao" with "paneton" on December 24 and 25. Many families in Ayacucho are religious and attend mass together.

How do the knitting moms celebrate Christmas? They like to dance in honor of Jesus. The special festive clothes they wear to do so were made especially for this gathering. The clothing is important to them because they like to dress up for this gathering. They love to socialize with the whole family. This is an important moment for them.

How knitting moms celebrate Christmas
How knitting moms celebrate Christmas

Christmas presents for the knitting moms

Nonprofit organization Solid crafts, which runs the workshop in Ayacucho, distributes Christmas gifts to knitting moms. This includes a coupon to buy a turkey from a local farmer. They are not likely to buy one themselves because of the high price they would otherwise have to pay.

During Christmas, it is summer in Peru. Palm trees adorned with Christmas decorations, Christmas market and nativity scenes in the main square in Ayacucho describe the cozy summer Christmas atmosphere in which residents stroll and enjoy themselves.

> To Merino wool scarf

> To wool leg warmers hand knitted

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