Sustainable clothing

Eco-friendly fashion packaging

The products themselves and their fashion packaging, to be sustainable, must also be environmentally friendly.

Sustainable packaging means finding a solution where the environment is the focus. Where the items are well protected during shipment and the customer has a sustainable unpacking experience that is very satisfying.

The sustainable packaging materials are both eco-friendly and stylish. NUQI slow fashion has spent a lot of time putting together such packaging solutions for its sustainable clothing. We have compared and researched the best options of eco-friendly packaging materials within the packaging industry range.

Why consider eco-friendly fashion packaging?

The environment already faces enormous unique challenges. We must do our part to protect the environment.

Reduce carbon emissions by making the production process more environmentally friendly. Use packaging that is easily recyclable and does not harm the earth. Avoid single-use plastic or disposable products.

No waste is the sustainable goal

But that's not always easy. By choosing smaller sized boxes and bags, we save on empty space. Over-sized packaging increases packaging costs and takes up unnecessary space during transport.

The use of a recycled paper or cardboard box also has a big impact on the sustainability of packaging

Cardboard based on wood pulp has a high carbon footprint. These types of materials do not make packaging more environmentally friendly and should therefore be removed from the supplier's range!

Eco-friendly fashion packaging

What is NUQI slow fashion's sustainable choice?

Boxes are only truly sustainable when they are made of environmentally friendly materials. This means that the outside of our consumer product affects the environment. NUQI slow fashion makes sure we do our part in sustainability!

With design, we decided to use recycled cardboard folding boxes to ship our products to consumers. These boxes were chosen because they look luxurious and are easy to close without using too much tape.

Recycled cardboard boxes are also good for reuse, easy to fold and take up little extra space

These durable packages do not break down when opened after arriving at the consumer. The folding boxes come in different sizes. All our products, even those with a large volume like the merino scarf fit easily in them. For smaller items, we do also use recycled paper bags.

Our products also need extra protection

To get the most out of our eco-friendly fashion packaging, we must first consider what we don't want. We certainly didn't have a plastic bag as a protective material in mind! That's where the search for the sustainable alternative to plastic begins. The focus is on alternative materials that are more easily biodegradable than traditional methods.

Fortunately, there are sustainable alternatives these days

For example, grease-free recycled paper. This is a common packaging especially in the food industry. But is this packaging material moisture resistant enough for luxury fashion products? It is also difficult to get appropriate sized bags for the larger products, in this recycled material. The search for sustainable packaging solutions for a biodegradable inner packaging as a protective material continues for some time....

The use of natural resources to produce plastic substitutes are unique challenges that have been ongoing for many years

Earth is a beautiful planet with natural resources. These need to be protected. To reduce pollution, it can help to replace plastic with sustainable alternatives made from corn or potato starch. A certain amount of oil can thereby be preserved for other purposes. For example, food production.

A good way to reduce plastic is to turn it into recycled material. This process can turn waste material into something new from recycled plastic, which is helpful for our environment. We all want to do our part to make our environment better. However, carefully separated waste is needed before recycled material can be made. The best way is to simply use sustainable packaging material and no plastic at all.

We have purchased a few plastic bags made from corn starch

Research shows that the first biodegradable packaging tested is not ideal. The packaging material is made from plant-based raw materials but it has an unpleasant chemical smell. Also, the top tore right away. That's not helpful when you're trying to use this packaging material to protect your package from damage during transport or storage!

Another version without an unpleasant smell also had an extra reinforcement at the top. We are still going to investigate whether this part of the bags is also biodegradable.

Plastic containers made from cornstarch take at least 45 days to biodegrade from the environment. A water-repellent recycled paper bag takes less time to do this. We will continue to search for an answer here as well and keep you posted on any new eco-friendly findings in future articles.

The little things matter

Like a hangtag, for example. This is important for the look and feel in our retailers' stores. It also gives a neat look to the package you receive as online customers.

A beautiful, sophisticated tag made from pressed recycled paper with a laser cut logo

The hangtag is attached to the product by means of an organic cotton cord. This cord is extra strong due to treatment with environmentally friendly beeswax.

NUQI slow fashion works with 100% natural materials. It is important to us that our products are washed and stored properly. That way they last a long time or can even get a second life! That's why we include clear washing instructions. The paper used for this is made from natural agricultural waste.

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The finishing touch

Even eco-friendly fashion packaging like a folding box should be properly sealed. Recycled paper adhesive tape is the most obvious ecological choice for this. Fortunately we do not need a lot of tape on our folding box. A closing sticker is also a good solution as long as a sustainable material such as recycled paper is used.

We are still unsure of which option will best meet our sustainable need to add our logo to the packaging

We considered printing the paper tape or making a closure sticker. We could also easily use our logo stamp with water-based ink. Our story about eco-friendly packaging materials will continue...

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