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Slippers made of felt lace yourself up

Where do these felt slippers come from and how are they made?

How the Lasso slipper came to be

In 2010, Frenchman Gaspard, founder of the Lasso slipper brand, went to London to continue his studies. Winters in London are usually cold and heating costs are very expensive. Since Gaspard suffered from cold feet, he looked for a durable solution to this. He cut a leftover piece of wool felt and strung it together with his sneaker laces. Thus was born the first pair of Lasso slippers.

wool felt slippers
wool felt slippers

How does the story continue?

After more than 100 slipper samples further, the shape was perfect and comfortable. A decision was made. The felt slippers are sold and shipped flat. In this way, the customer can lace the slippers themselves with their favorite laces.

Back to France

Once they returned to France, production was started. Through a Kickstarter project, enough capital had been raised so they didn't have to worry about that.

Durable materials

The sustainable wool felt, cotton laces and vegan leather soles are sourced and sourced in Italy.

"Using high-quality materials for our wool felt slippers is essential. We use natural materials as much as possible. We like leather, but we decided not to use any because we cherish animals even more" (Lasso shoes)

All the materials come from Italy. Yet they took the decision to have the product handmade in Nantes, France.

Slow fashion

"Lasso slippers operate on the slow fashion principle. We do not follow the fast timeline of the fashion industry , but instead as designers we think carefully about each product line. This is to maintain quality and make products that last" (Lasso shoes)

Lasso slippers made of felt self threading online now.

NUQI slow fashion believes it is important to support the sustainable entrepreneur.
We therefore choose to find all over the world, in addition to social studios and artisan artists, committed sustainable entrepreneurs that match our NUQI slow fashion feeling and style. The products must be handmade and/or sustainable. And tell a story!

Lasso slippers made of felt that you can thread yourself are now on sale on our website. Be quick because there is a small stock available. Out is out.

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wool felt slippers