Sustainable clothing

What is slow fashion?

It involves dealing with clothing in a more conscious way.

Sustainability is an important aspect here

Slow fashion characteristics are.

You think about how you will handle the garment in the future and whether you will wear it for a long time. Whereas fast fashion caters to short-term trends, slow fashion focuses on long-term sustainable clothing. The emphasis is much more on durability and long-term use. The products are produced in small quantities, mostly by hand.

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slow fashion
Legwarmers handknitted sheep wool

Ethical fashion, sustainable fashion, enduring fashion

Slow fashion is not seasonal or trend-based. This is especially evident in its pronounced penchant for instant classics. At slow fashion labels, you will find garments that deserve a place in almost every wardrobe.

By choosing slow fashion you really make an impact! It is one of the best fast fashion solutions.

  • Reducing your carbon footprint in garment production.
  • Garments made with attention and of excellent quality.
  • Garments that, thanks in part to improved quality, have a long shelf life.
  • Less low prices.
  • Fair working conditions for the makers of the garments.
  • Using sustainable fabrics to make sustainable clothing.

Slow fashion tips

Avoid impulse purchases. A closet starring slow fashion is actually best compared to a collection in a museum. In a museum, the collection is carefully put together and well preserved. The same applies to a sustainable closet. One of the biggest challenges in putting together such a sustainable fashion wardrobe is to avoid impulse buying. Buy consciously.

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