Sustainable clothing

Why sustainable clothing

From fast fashion to slow fashion

I traveled the world visiting suppliers and got to know the people behind the product

My name is Tosca van Haren and I am the founder of the sustainable clothing brand NUQI slow fashion.
By profession I am a fashion designer and product developer.
For years I designed and produced collections for small and bigger brands in the Netherlands.
I traveled around the world to visit suppliers and got to know the people behind the product.

During these trips, I learned a lot and that experience helped me in the development of my fashion career. However, I asked myself whether production could be more sustainable. Why sustainable clothing?

why sustainable fashion
why sustainable fashion

Conscious choices

After years of working as a designer for various fashion brands, I felt the need to explore the basics of the fashion industry. The fast fashion culture started to irritate me and I started looking for its counterpart: slow fashion. Nowadays, fortunately, this has already become an important part of our daily lives.
I discovered the great value of small artisanal workshops where much is still made by hand. The valuable attention and time put into each product is reflected in the quality and finish. This makes it sustainable.

I founded NUQI slow fashion and decided for my own sustainable clothing brand to work only with artisan workshops or small independent artisans.

Our organic wool is certified and guaranteed mulesing free

The first sustainable products produced by NUQI slow fashion are a merino wool scarf and knitted wool leg warmers. These products are sustainably and fairly hand-knitted in a social non-profit studio in Peru.

Go slow

Because I know the other side of garment production, I can appreciate the value of an artisan-made product.

When is clothing actually sustainable and fair?

Clothing made in a fair, ethical way and under good working conditions, from sustainable and animal-friendly materials. In the end, both animals, the environment and we - humans - benefit.

First, the numbers are incomparable.
NUQI slow fashion does small-scale production runs so there is no overproduction and no large inventory. Excessive inventory kills any fashion brand anyway anyway.
Second, it takes much longer to make an artisanal product so putting pressure on production makes no sense.
Thank goodness because the attention and passion that goes into an honest sustainable product ultimately pays off in quality.

This way, we create the very best unique handmade items for you.

Together we are strong

  • Fair trade
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Support local people
  • Organic
  • Sustainable

Be part Part of a community doing good things.

why sustainable fashion
why sustainable clothing

What you seek, seeks you.

NUQI slow fashion offers a collection that is slowly expanding. High quality fashion with an emphasis on comfort. Handcrafted from natural materials.
NUQI slow fashion is for people who want more than mass production, but are also concerned about how their purchase affects the environment.

Sustainable accessories made of organic wool

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