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Wool knit leg warmers, action product for November and December

Super soft 100% wool knitted leg warmers, the durable gift tip for the holiday months

"I'm allergic to wool but these are super soft"

This is a comment we hear from many customers. Our 100% natural wool does not itch.

If you are sensitive to wool then with these wool knit leg warmers you don't have to worry about your skin getting irritated.

  • Just in
  • Temporarily from 49.95 euros for 35 euros
  • 100% natural GOTS wool
  • Fairtrade handmade
  • Support the creator with every purchase

wool knit leg warmers with base
Legwarmers handknitted sheep wool

Why are the wool knit leg warmers with base a promotional product?

NUQI slow fashion produces in small runs. This also applies to these woolen leg warmers. We produce small quantities because the product is handmade but also to avoid overproduction and waste.

Fast fashion what are you doing about it?

Did you know that with our buying habits today, we buy 4 times more clothes than we did 20 years ago? Fast fashion is called that: as high a production of clothes as possible, to be in stores as quickly as possible. This is not only at the expense of pressure on the makers and depleting nature, but also of quality.

A substantial discount the first month

Our mission is for more and more people to buy sustainable clothing versus fast fashion. Unfortunately, too often the higher price still holds back the purchase of sustainable clothing. We therefore choose to offer a substantial discount for the first month of every new product we launch. For a defined period of time, that product is available at the offer price. After this period, the product is offered at the regular price for another temporary period until it is sold out. These special offers make it easier for everyone to buy sustainable clothing and thus also these sustainable wool leg warmers.

Social Impact

The sale of our knitted leg warmers has a direct impact on the social conditions of our makers in Peru. By buying a pair of wool leg warmers, you are supporting these people to build and maintain their own financial independence.

Our makers always get their fair price. The offer actions are at our expense.

Learn more about the offer

Visit our product page for more information about the quality, origin, size, washing instructions and of course the offer of the wool knit leg warmers. During the action month (Nov. 1-30), sales go fast so be sure to be on time.

Out = out

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wool knitted leg warmers with base