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Wool fashion sustainable and fair

Sustainable clothing brands use honest sustainable materials

NUQI slow fashion puts the focus on sustainable clothing, part of which is the use of fair materials such as 100% wool fashion.
The beautiful organically and fair trade produced sheep's wool we use comes from Peru.
Organic cotton is the better and fair version of cotton in fashion. The same is true for the wool version. We produce at suppliers with the GOTS label. The GOTS label (Global Organic Textile Standard) sets environmental requirements for all phases of the textile chain: from the cultivation of (natural) fibers to processing and sewing workshops. Requirements on working conditions apply only to the factories and sewing workshops. There are also requirements on animal welfare.

Organic wool is a little less well known in sustainable fashion than organic cotton at this time.

The 100% natural wool fiber comes from the fur of an animal

Most wool comes from sheep, but also from goat (mohair and cashmere), rabbit (angora), camel, alpaca and yak. It is different from regular hair, it has hairs with scales and it frizzes.

You can felt it which makes it hold the air well. This provides a great insulating effect. Wool yarns are easily spun because the fibers easily hook into each other and then stay firmly in place.

From wool to sustainable clothing

NUQI slow fashion organic wool comes from the Andean Highlands in Peru. The sheep farmer harvests the wool in an animal-friendly way. This means the sheep are always free from hunger, thirst, discomfort, pain, disease and have the freedom to live a stress-free life.

Our sustainable fashion industry does not practice the serious form of animal cruelty mulesing. Fortunately, agencies worldwide are paying more and more attention to sheep farmers who operate this way. They are being excluded. In Peru, the use of mulesing is not common.

Wool top is created after washing, carding and combing the raw wool fibers. Inca Tops in Peru spins the wool into yarn.

> Inka Tops provides jobs and fair working conditions to more than a thousand families in Peru. Their social responsibility programs contribute to the beautiful social advancement of many workers. Small production knitting companies, sustainable entrepreneurs and especially families in rural areas benefit.

Inka tops brings the yarn to atelier Manta. Manta is a sustainable hand knitting and crochet atelier in Ayacucho, Peru. The social atelier makes our sustainable wool NUQI slow fashion fashions. Like our knitted leg warmers and merino wool scarves. Honest and hand knit.

slow fashion

Wool is a durable fiber with the luxurious style and high quality that NUQI slow fashion wants to exude

NUQI slow fashion organic wool does not crease or fluff, is soft to the skin and does not itch. It is breathable thanks to its natural temperature regulating properties. You can therefore use it all year round both during the cold winter months and the cooler summer nights.

Because the keratin in the material naturally breaks down bacteria and unpleasant odors, it is self-cleaning. This means less washing so sustainable. Keratin is the same protein present in our skin and hair. It is strong but also flexible. It is therefore a truly durable clothing product.

NUQI slow fashion uses sheep's wool that has no chemical process. It is entirely organic and of honest natural origin.

When is sheep's wool organic wool?

The sheep are raised organically. They graze on land that has not been treated with insecticides or pesticides. They have ample space, eat only natural foods and are not given preventive antibiotics. The sheep are not allowed to undergo mulesing.

Mulesing is a technique for preventing sheep disease. They remove the skin around the tail without anesthesia. We buy our wool from farmers who shear the sheep calmly and in an animal-friendly manner. Without injuring the sheep.

The production should not use harmful chemicals. Wool yarns must be free of harmful substances. The workers involved have good working conditions and earn a minimum wage. There is a maximum number of working hours per week. Child labor is prohibited.

We know the GOTS label as a sustainable label for organic cotton. However, this label is also important for wool material. Many sustainable brands already produce sustainable clothing with this organic material.

why sustainable clothing

Timeless hand-knit sustainable slow fashion clothing and accessories

The atelier in Ayacucho, Peru makes NUQI slow fashion products knitted by hand. For this we use merino wool and Andean Highland yarns.

The new products are minimalist and timeless in design and have a regular fit. We believe in the power of the material without too much embellishment.

Ecru is one of the natural sheep's wool colors in which NUQI makes slow fashion products. At a later stage, we will combine several natural colors in the fashion collection.

Warm through the winter with comfortable wool fashion, sustainable and fair

> Scarves / shawls and beautiful > knitted leg warmers with feet, the so-called ballet or yoga socks, are the first sustainable fashion products in the knitwear collection. For the future we plan to also produce sustainable sweaters or sweatshirts, cardigans and possibly hats.

The focus on sustainability is at the forefront of all products

No harmful substances, biodegradable packaging, no zipper, button or elastic, high quality and fair production. Good working conditions and reuse of discarded knitwear into recycled wool so it does not end up in the garbage.

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Our driving force behind the brand remains producing beautiful sustainable clothing. We want to improve the environment, fair working conditions and the fashion industry, as one of the most polluting industries. Stay aware!

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